Customize Your Harley-Davidson® Sportster Motorcycle

February 4th, 2019 by

Temecula Harley-Davidson® Sportster Motorcycles deliver a smooth ride with easy handling, and most importantly, will keep you in a comfortable cruising position for hours in the saddle. That way you can spend more time riding and less time trying to unknot muscles now sore and tense from an uncomfortable riding position. Temecula Harley-Davidson® is proud to be your home for all things Harley! Visit our dealership today, in Temecula, California, and browse through our available selection of Sportster motorcycles and more!

Fitting Your Sportster Motorcycle

When you’ve got a machine that keeps you connected to the road through every turn and mountain pass, you want to make sure the fit is just right. Especially if you’re planning to spend some time in the saddle, making sure you’re as comfortable as possible is essential. Make sure your feet lie flat on the ground when straddling your bike, that you can easily reach your foot controls and handlebars, and that you don’t feel cramped or forced into an uncomfortable riding position. Making minor adjustments to your seat, your feet controls, even your suspension can fix these minor discomforts before they interrupt your next cross-country adventure.

Seat Options for your Sportster Motorcycle

Your seat is what connects you to your bike, literally. If you plan to do anything like serious riding, you’ll be spending hours here, so getting the right fit and the right shape is vital. You’ll know it’s the right height when your feet can comfortably lie flat against the ground. When you reach down to take your handlebars you should also feel anchored and comfortable. If you need a little extra room, consider the Temecula Harley-Davidson® Tallboy Solo Seat, this will move you up and back, allowing for longer arms and legs. The Super Reach Solo Seat will actually move you closer to the controls of your Sportster, reducing the seat height and bringing you closer to the ground. Remember, you should feel comfortable in your riding position and be able to easily reach the ground. Pick what feels best to you and come see us if you need more help.

Handlebar Options for Sportster Motorcycles

Are you hunched over when you ride, having to pull yourself forward to reach the handlebars? Or are the handlebars in too tight, meaning you’ve got to bend your arms uncomfortable to reach? When riding, your hands, wrists, arms, shoulders, and back should feel comfortable and in a neutral position. No straining, reaching, or cramping to make it work. The Tallboy Handlebar places your hands in a more neutral position and will stretch your arms to reduce the bend in your elbows, perfect for any lng limbed riders. For the opposite problem? Try the Reach Handlebar with your Sportster motorcycle, this brings the controls closer to you for increased comfort while you maneuver through tight quarters and sharp turns.

Foot Control Options for Sportster Motorcycles

If you’re reaching with your feet for your foot controls, you’ll put uncomfortable strain on your body, meaning less time overall spent riding and more time spent taking breaks. Even short rides in a cramped position aren’t doing you any favors. You should feel great and be able to easily reach your foot controls without putting any addition tension or strain on your body whenever you ride. Use the Extended Reach Forward Control Kit if you’ve got longer legs, this will give you the room to stretch out comfortably for longer rides. On the flip side, the Reduced Reach Forward Control Kit provides the foot-forward boulevard style of control, meaning they’re closer to you and you’ll be able to reach the controls without hurting your body.

Remember, every ride on your Temecula Harley-Davidson® Sportster motorcycle, even short trips around the block, should feel comfortable. Your feet should easily reach the ground, your arms, wrists, elbows, and legs shouldn’t be cramped in too tight or straining to reach your bike’s controls. Adjusting your seat, your handlebars, or foot controls will help you settle into a comfortable riding position so you can spend more time tearing up the pavement and less time recovering from long rides. If you still need help getting your Sportster to fit just right, come see us at Temecula Harley-Davidson®, in Temecula near Murrieta, CA, and let our professional and friendly staff help dial in the comfort on your Sportster.