2017 Milwaukee-Eight Engine

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Harley-Davidson® has released the ninth engine in its history, the Milwaukee-Eight Engine, and Temecula Harley-Davidson® is proud to be your home for the most powerful and most responsive Harley-Davidson® engine in recent history. Visit us today and let’s get you on the road with this innovative new engine. Our dealership is located in Temecula, California, near Murrieta, Escondido, Riverside, and Indio!

Milwaukee-Eight Heritage

The Milwaukee-Eight is the latest engine from Harley-Davidson®, but this motor has been a long time in the making. Every engine design from Harley® builds on the previous generation, which has led to a legacy of excellence that stretches back to the earliest years of the 1900’s. The F-Head motor was the first V-twin produced by Harley®, and while it served to launch the company, it left plenty of room for improvement. The Flathead motor came next, serving as the go-to engine until 1936, when the Knucklehead engine appeared and revolutionized Harley-Davidson® air cooled engine design. The Panhead and Shovelhead engines carried Harley-Davidson® bikes into the eighties, when the Evolution engine was first revealed. In 1999 the Twin Cam engine was unveiled, serving up the power that the touring family needed for 17 years. Now, with eleven decades of excellence behind it, Harley-Davidson® has unleashed the engine that will carry you into the future: The Milwaukee-Eight.

New Milwaukee-Eight Performance

To ensure the Milwaukee-Eight is truly worthy of the Harley-Davidson® name this engine has been designed to offer outstanding performance characteristics. Better heat management, a smoother ride, and better fuel efficiency all prove that this engine really is up to Harley-Davidson® standards. The precision cooling in the Milwaukee-Eight wicks heat away from the hottest parts of the engine to increase your comfort at low speeds. Harley-Davidson® has rubber mounted the Milwaukee-Eight engine in the 2017 touring bikes, and incorporated a counterbalancer into the engine design, so that from the red light to the redline you experience a smoother ride. The combination of precision electronic fuel injection and eight valve design give the Milwaukee-Eight better fuel efficiency, and lower emissions than any previous big V-twin from Harley-Davidson®.

Milwaukee-Eight Power

There’s no power like the power of a Harley-Davidson®, and the Milwaukee-Eight serves up more than ever before! Compared to the Twin Cam motor that it replaces, the Milwaukee-Eight delivers a 10% increase in torque, while maintaining the same weight, giving this new motor superior power to weight ratio that you’ll be able to feel. The size of the Milwaukee-Eight has a lot to do with this increase in power, as these engines clock in at 107 cubic inches on stock 2017 touring bikes. If you’re the kind of rider who always wants a little extra torque on tap, then the 2017 CVO touring bikes from Harley-Davidson® will be right up your alley, sporting a 114 cubic inch Milwaukee-Eight. If that STILL isn’t enough get-up-and-go, then you can swing by our service department and we’ll set you up with a Screamin’ Eagle Stage III upgrade, and bring your Milwaukee-Eight engine up to a massive 117 cubic inches!

Whether you’re looking for an engine that updates the timeless Harley-Davidson® pedigree, want the improved fuel economy and smooth ride, or simply want the unmatched power of the new Milwaukee-Eight engine, Temecula Harley-Davidson® is sure to have bike for you! Stop by today, our dealership is located in Temecula, California, near Murrieta, Escondido, Riverside, and Indio!

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