Harley-Davidson® V-Rod® Motorcycles for sale in Temecula, California

February 4th, 2019 by

If cruisers aren’t enough, and touring bikes just don’t do anything for you, you may be looking for a motorcycle that can provide excitement that others just can’t handle. If that’s the case, then you will certainly be interested in checking out a V-Rod. What is a V-Rod? Drag strip power, unique style, and professional level handling, made to Harley-Davidson® standards. Check out this quick overview, and to really see what a V-Rod is all about, come in and see us at Temecula Harley-Davidson® and let us show you what the next level of motorcycles looks like!

What makes a V-Rod a V-Rod?

What defines a V-Rod Motorcycle? Decked out drag strip style, coupled with heart pounding high energy power. To supply the power to these bikes, Harley-Davidson® partnered with the legendary automaker, Porsche, to design the Revolution® V-Twin Engine. Dual Overhead Cams, liquid cooling, and fuel injection make this engine worthy of the race track, and that means that it’s an engine worthy of a V-Rod. With more race ready features like an assist & slip clutch, and sticky Michelin® tires that grab the track and don’t let go, these motorcycles are more than ready for the blacktop, they’re just waiting for the rider brave enough to twist the throttle.

V-Rod Muscle®

The V-Rod Muscle puts the power of the Revolution engine to good use by surrounding it in pure drag strip style. With shining chrome, slammed drag style handlebars, a sleek seat, and aggressively positioned forward mount foot controls, the design of the V-Rod Muscle is about the way this bike feels more than about how it looks; and it feels good. The twin dual exhaust take the fierce aesthetic a step farther and provide the iconic Harley-Davidson® rumble, while augmenting the beefy look of this heavy hitting bike. The Satin chrome finishes, and integrated turn signals and brake lights all highlight the attention to detail that was put into the creation of this bike. When you throw a leg over the V-Rod Muscle, you know you’re riding a labor of love.

Night Rod Special®

The Night Rod Special takes the power of the Revolution engine and wraps it tightly in Harley-Davidson®’s Dark Custom? style. Where the V-Rod Muscle has silky chrome, the Night Rod Special has mean looking blacked out components. The two up bucket saddle is made for maximum rider comfort, and has plenty of cushion left over for the passenger as well. The fastback tail section highlights the Night Rod Special’s fat rear tire, while the sweet double barrel exhaust lets out the perfect Harley-Davidson® growl when you hit the ignition. For weight and style, the Night Rod Special has also been outfitted with a cast aluminum performance wheel, which is fitted with Brembo® brakes with ABS, providing maximum performance, and outstanding safety.

Whether you’re riding in broad daylight showing off your V-Rod Muscle, or cutting through the dark on a Night Rod Special, these bikes have something special to offer: Pure excitement. If you’re ready to take your motorcycling career to the next level, then come in and see us a Temecula Harley-Davidson®, and let our knowledgeable staff show you our awesome V-Rod motorcycles for sale in Temecula, California. Our dealership is proud to serve the areas of Murrieta, Escondido, Riverside, and Indio, California.

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