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There are four basic types of motorcycle helmet, each offering a different level of protection and comfort while you’re riding. The bonus is that Harley-Davidson® designed their helmets to offer improved safety without sacrificing style. Temecula Harley-Davidson®, in Temecula near Murrieta, CA, carries each type of available motorcycle helmet from Harley. Read our recommendations below then visit our dealership in person and let our staff help you pick the perfect helmet for your next ride!

Motorcycle Half Helmets
A Half Helmet is the lightest, and arguably the most comfortable type of helmet. These helmets, as the name would suggest, cover the top half of a rider’s head, providing minimal protection compared to other designs, but allowing for plenty of airflow, and an unobstructed range of motion and vision. Half Helmets are a popular choice for riders who do lots of long distance riding because the light design won’t fatigue the neck and back as much as a heavier full face or open face helmet, however half helmets rarely come equipped with eye or face protection, so if this is your style of choice look at investing in a set of riding glasses, and perhaps even a facemask to keep the grit out of your teeth.

An Open Face, or three quarter helmet, builds on the design of a half helmet with additional protection around the lower part of a riders skull. These helmets have increased weight, and can feel bulkier, but they don’t obstruct peripheral vision as much as a full helmet, and they’re often equipped with visors to provide some of the protection that a half helmet lacks. Three quarter helmets lack the chin bar of a full face helmet, which means you have slightly less protection, but open face helmets don’t obstruct your mouth like a full helmet does, so you can grab a swig of water or have a conversation without needing to remove your helmet entirely.

Full Face helmets are the most protective in the event of an accident. These helmets build on the three quarter design by adding a chin bar and visor that extends in front of the riders face. With the visor down these helmets provide excellent protection from the wind and debris of the road, however riders who are accustomed to a smaller helmet may feel like a full helmet obnoxiously obstructs vision from side to side. Because these helmets are larger, they’re also heavier, which means that they can be uncomfortable over a long ride.

A modular helmet is a combination between the design of an open face and full face helmet. This type of headgear typically has the profile of a standard full face helmet, but the chin bar can be lifted to allow a rider to eat, drink, or chat without needing to remove the helmet entirely. Modular helmets are great for those who want the wind protection of a full face helmet, but the convenience of a three quarter model, however in the case of an accident, these helmets will provide protection roughly equivalent to a three quarter helmet, as the joints that connect the chin bar may not withstand an impact at speed.

The right helmet for you fits. Regardless of the style, brand, or features, a proper fit is going to be the most important element of your helmet. For this reason, we strongly recommend that when you shop for your helmet, you come in and try them on. Fasten and tighten all of your straps as if you’re about to ride, and move your head around to feel for a snug fit. Your helmet should be secure without feeling tight, and comfortable without wobbling when you move your head. Try on lots of different styles too, you may like the look of a half helmet at first, but find that you actually prefer the feeling of a full face model. Your helmet is your most important piece of gear, so make sure you’ve got a motorcycle helmet that you love to wear by coming in to see us at Temecula Harley-Davidson®!

If safety and protection are your highest concerns, then look into a helmet with more coverage, like the full face motorcycle helmet or the three-quarter helmet. If comfort and keeping cool are more your style, especially if you’re going to be riding in warm weather, definitely look into a modular motorcycle helmet or half helmet. Above all, make sure your helmet fits correctly. An improperly fitted helmet robs you of the protection you need when you most need it. For more help in picking the right motorcycle helmet, or even just making sure the fit is correct, visit Temecular Harley-Davidson® in Temecula near Murrieta, CA! Our team is ready to answer any and all questions you may have!

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